Why not join the Shoeburyness Residents Association and become a member of a community organisation that was established in 1949? The fee is just £5 per year for individuals and £8 per household.

What do I get for my £5? – You will receive a regular newsletter containing up-to-date information about events happening in and around Shoeburyness, progress on current issues affecting your neighbourhood, information about groups or clubs, details of planning applications in the borough and much more.

Where does my £5 go? – SRA is a non-profit making organisation. The members of the committee and subcommittees give their time for free. Funds held by the SRA go partly to administration costs but largely to community-based projects

What part do I play? – Many of our members just enjoy receiving the newsletters and take comfort in the fact that there is a body of people to contact if the need arises. Others actively participate in events such as group litter picking.

Can the SRA help me in any way? – The committee members of the SRA have good contact and a working relationship with councillors, leading council workers, the NHS, police, schools, voluntary organisation etc. and will act on your behalf on projects and issues that are of concern to the residents of Shoeburyness.

How do I join? – complete the  SRA Membership Form 23.24 and email to shoeburyresidents@gmail.com