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East Beach Talking Bench

As you all know we have a Talking Bench on the North Common and after months of discussions our second bench is now in place. The base is next to the sound mirror. It is solar powered so facing the sun is not only an ideal location but will keep the batteries charged. Trust Links will then upload messages as partners in our aim to support mental health issues in Shoebury. It will also be a place to sit & talk with other people and perhaps at some time, view the colourful Rasta Boat after it has been refurbished.

All this is not possible without the support of local charities, Southend Parks department, our Ward Councillors and of course you, our Shoebury Residents

East Beach Toilets in George Street

We complained to the Council when these toilets were changed to UNISEX and have been fighting ever since to get them changed back. This is our latest reply:

“We have appointed Project 275 Limited as the main contractor to undertake work to separate the George Street toilets into male and female. The Pre-Start meeting with the contractor is scheduled for tomorrow and works will commence either next week or early the week after and we are hoping to complete the works before Christmas (subject to a couple of materials lead ins) Part of the toilets will be maintained for public use throughout the works”.

New Picnic Tables

New picnic tables are now in place as part of the 2-million-pound investment agreed by Southend Council. Plans have also been submitted for three new kiosks selling refreshments

East Beach Car Park and Pathways

It was always included in the design to have sensible lighting to ensure people using the area at night had a safe access from George Street & the Station onto the car park & toilets. However, the Council had to ensure it did not affect the local habitat.

A full Ecological appraisal was provided to ensure they considered all the ecological desk study and a UK Habitat Classification survey. This is to identify ecological constraints and to minimize the impact of the works on biodiversity.

They were also aware of the importance of climate change, so wanted to include lighting that was solar powered with wind turbines to make full use of the natural sources available. These are what have been chosen.