New Health Centre for Shoeburyness is one step closer

Following a wait of more than ten years, work is finally due to begin on the new Shoeburyness Health and Wellbeing Centre. The site for the centre, The Old Hospital, in Ness Road, was agreed following a public consultation meeting in June 2022.

James Moyies, Conservative councillor for Shoeburyness, said shortly after the site was agreed: “This will be so much more than just a health centre. It will be a health and wellbeing centre with so much more in it.”

Following the announcement, Peter Lovett, chairman of Shoeburyness Residents’ Association, said: “It is fantastic news. We’ve been fighting for this for the last 10 to 15 years to get a better service in Shoebury.”

He added: “It’s great they are finally doing this after so many years of waiting. Our doctors are getting stressed and are overloaded so it is very much needed.”

In January 2023 the NHS announced that a contract has been placed to demolish the Old Shoebury Hospital in Ness Road, which is stage one to proceeding with our New Health Centre.

The Old Hospital damaged by fire in 2018