NEWSLETTER 08.08.2021


Email from Peter Lovett to Healthwatch Southend – Our members are suffering badly in Shoebury with one doctor retired & the other closing his Shoebury branch.

Because the two remaining doctors have well exceeded the recommended patient limit, they have now decided to omit other services like “Blood tests” etc. This causes our elderly / disabled members to be sent to the Hospital or other Westcliff sites, which seems unfair. We have emailed the CCG, but they just passed our comments to the local doctor.

Perhaps you could advise what we can do to improve patient care in Shoebury? We already know that around 40% of our residents use doctors in Thorpe Bay, Wakering & Rochford etc., but with increased housing developments in those areas, they will be forced to remove patients from outside their area, making the matter even worse.

Response from Healthwatch Southend ( Delivery of identified infrastructure is as important as identifying needs. The IDP sets out committed and projected funding streams to deliver projects, including by the CCG. The IDP will be supported by a complementary Viability Study that looks at the ability for developers to contribute to funding infrastructure, including through Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act for individual planning permissions and through the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). Funds can be specifically set aside for Health facilities if a need is demonstrated though this has to be considered against other demands for funding, such as for affordable housing and play areas.

With respect to Shoebury, there is a recognised need for new facilities. The CCG and partners have already held initial consultations about this. They are aware of the possible effects of an expansion of housing in the area. The potential developers of land north of Shoebury are also aware that they would need to ensure provision for community infrastructure, including GP’s, either within the development or by expanding existing facilities within the urban area.

When further responses are received, we will feed these back to you.




Planning Applications week ending 06.08.2021

Change of use of ground floor and first floor from retail unit (Class A1) to dwelling house (Class C3), alter elevations, retain outbuilding to rear for parking and bin/cycle storage (retrospective) – 48 Ness Road Shoeburyness Southend-On-Sea

Erect first floor rear extension with balcony – 54 Church Road Shoeburyness Essex

Erect single storey rear extension and alter side elevation – 59 Bishopsteignton Shoeburyness Essex

Install 15m ‘slim line’ phase 8 monopole c/w wraparound cabinet at base, 3no. additional ancillary equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works – Telecomunications Mast Maplin Way Thorpe Bay


MOD Report


Date Reason for notification
9 & 11 August 2021 Nothing to report
10 & 12 August 2021 Explosions may be noticed
13 August 2021 Access to Public Right of Way routes and Havengore Bridge later than usual


14 & 15 August 2021 Restrictions on some Public Right of Way routes





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