newsletter 10.01.2020


A plea from NHS staff. Last week we asked you to make sure you and your family have your NHS number immediately to hand for when you or they are called for the COVID vaccination. Please note this is NOT the same as your National Insurance number


I attended another Zoom meeting with the various doctors who are overseeing the Vaccination programs in Southend. As I said before, we had two centres at Highlands & Valkyrie Road which are giving just the Pfizer / BioTech vaccine which has huge logistic problems, being stored at minus 70+ degrees, having to then be delivered and used within 5 days once it is diluted. It also cannot be jolted in anyway. Those that have received their first dose and already given their second appointment date will probably not be changed. However all future jabs given will be subject to a second appointment 10 weeks later, so that they can protect as many people as possible with the first dose. Southend has already given over a 1,000 doses with no side effects or issues to date. It is taking longer because the NHS have insisted that all patients have to wait 15 minutes to ensure there are no side effects.

The latest Oxford / AstraZeneca Vaccine is so much easier to distribute, as it can be stored in a normal fridge (8 to 12 degrees). It also lasts over 6 months. Because of this, more centres, doctors / pharmacies will be brought on board and we will have one centre in the East next week. They are being limited at the moment, but once up and running these will increase drastically as supplies become available. It was made clear that it will be the receipt of the Vaccines from the manufacturers that will limit doses, not distribution of the Vaccine into your arms. When it started before Christmas, they had many problems, but like all new systems, they are learning and every week will see improvements as changes are made. You will not have a choice of which Vaccine you will be given & it would not matter if each dose was a different Vaccine. We were also told about the technical engineering breakthrough over these vaccines, which will drastically improve all other future & existing types of Vaccines given. I hope to be able to obtain a link for this meeting, so you can hear for yourself the optimism.

Beware of Vaccination Scams – With the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine beginning this week, residents are warned of criminals seeking to exploit the pandemic further. Scammers have been targeting residents with fake text messages. Essex Trading Standards have warned that the messages ask residents to click a link in order to book their vaccination, before proceeding to take personal details and payment requests.

Family Action Children’s Centres in Lockdown – All face-to-face sessions are temporarily suspended, however FOOD clubs are still running and we are open for individual support for families on 01702 880210. Virtual Parent Forum will take place Monday 18th January, 8.30pm-10pm. Please call 01702 220810 to book.

Look out for your household notification letter – Households in Southend-on-Sea will shortly be receiving a letter from the council asking residents to check that the information held on the electoral register is correct.

Plans to meet the 2050 ambition for everyone in Southend-on-Sea to have a home that meets their needs have been outlined as part of the council’s proposed 2021/22 budget (Cabinet, 14 January, item 9). – The report highlights how a proposed £53m investment from the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) could be used to improve council homes in the Borough over the next five years, enable the council to continue with its plans to develop more affordable council housing for those on the Home Seeker’s register and buy more properties as part of its housing acquisitions programme.

It also recommends an average rent increase of 1.5% on all council tenancies and 1.5% increase on all shared ownership properties.

A major investment of £28m has also been recommended up to 2024/25 to maintain and keep the council’s 5,900 homes to decent homes standard, and improve those that need it. The programme of work includes; – electrical rewiring, bathroom installations, new roofs, new kitchens, door replacements, new, more energy efficient boilers

Planning applications week ending 08.01.2021


Erect detached outbuilding to rear garden – 2 Warrior Square Road Shoeburyness


Erect single story rear extension with roof lantern and convert garage into habitable

Accommodation – 154 Maplin Way