newsletter 13.12.2020



Gunners Park Development from Peter Lovett – ‘It would demonstrate to members how our Planning Department operates on your behalf if you go onto the Council website & listen to the video covering the above application. The application has been approved, even though our local Shoeburyness Councillors voted against it. There were many sensible questions asked about being oversized, flooding, traffic, schools, health centre and having a 100 foot tall 5 storey building next to the Garrison.

To give you an idea of the so-called experts, did you know that Ness Road /Campfield Road is designated on their “A” scale (moving traffic), with “F” being the worst. They said that with 500 car parking spaces on this site it would only have a modest effect on this junction (1 car every 7 minutes during the peak periods).

Councillors wanted to know how the local primary school would cope with no support, but they said this would be taken from the SIL agreement, but had no idea how much. One Councillor said this application had the longest report for a simple “Outline” approval she has ever seen and little time for them to scrutinize, so many wanted to defer the application to give them more time

Apparently they can show a “Health Centre” on their plans but they do not have to build one. They can say it will have a large number of mature trees, but they do not know how many. They can say 30% will be affordable, but do not know what the price will be or how many of each type will be involved. The officer said the 5 storey building was not out of character, but could not tell the committee if there was a similar tall building on the Garrison site.

I thought it was going to be deferred but one of the senior Council officers reminded the Councillors that if they deferred or rejected the application they could end up with an appeal and have to pay out thousands in compensation. It was not surprising that most members said “NO VOTE” so the “YES” vote won by default.

There are 44 reserved matters covering items like flooding, ecology, landscape etc where the developer has to obtain the officers approval, but this is just a formality. We also found out that the application is not subject to any additional coastal flood protection, like we have had on previous applications. This is because all the living accommodation will be above the 6.49 metre flood level, meaning that people can run upstairs in the event of the sea over topping. Houses will either be built on stilts or on the top of a hill being created by the developer.

It is a sad day for me after 9 years gathering facts, but it is pointless when nobody is prepared to read them. I will keep these facts & the architect’s photos, so that we can relook at the situation after the households are built. I also hope that even with global warming we will not have to say “told you so”?’

C2C – From Chris Atkinson – As you will recall, since 23 November we have been operating a reduced timetable because of rising absence rates during the second wave of Covid-19, particularly among our train crew. As the situation has improved, we have been steadily adding back additional trains. From Monday (14th Dec) we will run a further four trains at peak times, adding hundreds of extra seats at the most popular time. This means in total we will have added nearly 40 extra services a day since 23rd November.

We have also published a guide to seat availability aboard each train in the morning peak at:  This provides local information for every station at different times of travel. This advice will help those people who can vary their journey to take a quieter train, which will then benefit everyone else too.

Looking further ahead, from Monday 4 January we will be returning to our previous timetable. This is the level of service we had operated between mid-May and mid-November. It represents the maximum daily capacity we can provide, with a full off-peak frequency and all trains running with at least 8-carriages. The anticipated growth in passenger numbers in the New Year, combined with continued improvement in absence levels, give us the confidence that this change is both necessary and deliverable.

ASDA –  will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day this year and will reopen on Sunday 27th Dec. Asda bosses have decided to give their employees an extra day to spend with their families as a thank you for all the hard work we have put in during the Covid pandemic.

Local police newsletter (their first) attached

Attached are details of the Fosses farm developments

The balloon experiment – A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professor then mixed all the balloons. The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon. Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon. At that point the professors told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes everyone had their own balloon.

The professor said to the students: “These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we look to make others happy we will find ours.

Re travellers a letter from Ian Hughes Southend District Commander to James Dudderidge– Thank you sharing the concern of your constituent (Peter Lovett) who represents Shoebury Residents Association. As you will be aware from previous communications on this topic, unauthorised encampments are situations which Essex Police along with Southend Borough Council (SBC) take very seriously.

The situation captured within the attached documents were made particularly challenging due to the fact that the Casino was closed and the land users were difficult to contact, whilst SBC owned the land itself the management of it fell to the operator of the Casino.

This left an extra layer of bureaucracy, which SBC quickly overcame and whilst the time frame of the unauthorised encampment remaining in place was longer than the community wanted and I am aware it had a significant impact on seafront traders.

I attended a meeting with the seafront traders on the following Thursday to address concerns and to provide reassurance that a partnership approach was being adopted by ensuring that vulnerable locations throughout the borough were being reviewed, and as ever communication streams were being strengthened to ensure all partners were talking to each other.

As a response to Coronavirus, the National Police Chiefs Council set guidance when addressing unauthorised encampments. It was heavily focused on the need to ensure the welfare and safety of all including those within the encampments were taken into consideration, this led to a higher threshold when considering the use of Section 61 powers which are often cited as an option when questioning a lack of Police Action.

Essex Police continue to work with partners such as SBC to ensure the community are safeguarded and supported. Where there is evidence of an offence being committed by anyone including those associated with unauthorised encampments Essex police will take action against those individuals.’


Last Sunday at East Beach – last batch of boats going into hibernation for the winter

Planning applications week ending 11.12.2020

Demolish existing beach hut and erect replacement beach hut – Beach Hut 553 Shoebury Common Road Shoeburyness

Erect single storey front and side extension, alter elevations – 8 Fitzwarren