NEWSLETTER 27.06.2021


EAST BEACH UPGRADES AND REFURBISHMENTS From Peter Lovett –You may remember we were told that over £2m was being spent on the above beach, but we had no idea what this included. We have now been told what they are planning to do, although I would not take these as gospel at this stage:

Upgrade the toilets which has been completed (This is not out of this budget)

Resurface the car park with lighting & markings:

8 Refurbish the toilets at the East end, to remain as separate male / female construction

Provide a new playground for the children

Provide CCTV for the area

Upgrade the sea defences including new steps.

Upgrade the BBQ area, although this is subject to the survey results

Plant extra trees, although this is subject to agreement with the MOD

We are not sure what the program is, so we will be pushing for more information. We are surprised that the steps down to the beach was not the first priority as this involves health & safety

Although it has taken a long time to persuade the Council that Shoebury exists, we have to be thankful once the above changes are completed.

26,000 NEW HOMES IN SOUTHEND: – Peter Lovett’s comments appearing in the Echo – In 2020 Southend was instructed by the government to build another 26,000 homes by 2040. It is obvious they have no idea about the land available. The only data they would have would be based upon the 2011 Census, which showed a population of 173,600 and roughly 75,000 homes. Adding another 35% without any knowledge of population density is mad. We only have 4,175 square Hectares (16.13 square miles) of land, which includes parks, rivers, brooks, roads etc. and in 2011 this represented 39.4 persons per Hectare, one of the highest outside London.

If Southend Council does not challenge this ridiculous request, we will end up with a population of around 250,000, which is 35% up from the 183,100 taken in 2019. To accommodate this we would have to give up all our brownfield sites, flood plains, greenfield sites and still have to build 27 storey skyscrapers to reach this target.

It is not just about the number of homes, it is about the number of jobs available. Shoebury has already proved that businesses are looking to get out of Shoebury and factories built on Gunners Park stood empty for years. The new estate just approved on Gunners Park has 28 jobs linked to a Health Centre that has been on the cards for well over 10 years and there are still no plans for the NHS to built it. Surely it is common sense that if we do not have jobs, more residents will have to travel, which in turn will add to the gridlock our Town.


A well attended meeting with lots of new information:

Although the Salvation Army Hall has had the best uptake in Southend since vaccines started in December 2020, we have been asked to make sure our members convince everyone over the age of 18 to have their vaccine. If anyone you know is concerned, please get them to email and we will give them details of where they can seek professional advice. Let me start with the useful links:

Getting tested for COVID-19 Southend information:

latest information regarding the Covid Vaccination please visit

Updated Covid Restrictions Guidance – June 2021:…/covid-19-coronavirus-restrictions…

The following link provides information regarding how many covid cases are currently reported across the MSE Hospital Trust…

News about vaccination walk in tests

Cases in Southend are now 40 per 100,000 but this is rising very quickly (8 per 100,000 on 1st June)

Delta (Indian Variant) is the dominant type

East of England is still the lowest infection rate in England at the moment.

If you test positive, it is likely to spread to the whole family as it is more transmittable. Less than 10 cases in Basildon, Chelmsford & Southend hospitals with much reduced hospitalization time.

Over 96% of 70 year olds have had second jabs

The most number of booked tests in a short time comes from the over 18 year olds, perhaps because they have access to social media?

Southend is roughly 10% down on vaccination uptake than Castle Point, which is why they want us to persuade everyone in Shoebury to have the jab.

The supply of vaccines controls the number of jabs available, but information / advanced notice of availability has improved the distribution.

Work is being carried out on how & when the booster doses and flue jabs will be delivered in September and it is likely that the Covid booster jab will be different to the previous jabs received.

Hospitals & Doctors are extremely busy catching up with all other treatments & operations missed during this pandemic. We understand Southend has the largest waiting list in the country.

Government Covid cabinet members visited Southend on June 2nd, and officers were very pleased with the management plans in place and the actions being taken to enforce the rules.

It was accepted that the Lateral Flow Test may be only 50 / 60% effective, but this still picks up 50 / 60 residents out of every 100 tested to reduce the risk. It should be pointed out that the “positive” result is 95% effective. If you get a “positive” result, you must abide by the rules.

No decision has been made about vaccinating school children over 12 years old, but the 7 to 12 year old are high in positive tests, but with little or no effects.

Two doses have been proven to be 92 / 96% effective

We mentioned that the Salvation Army Hall had run out of Vaccines again, but we were told that we were victims of our own success. I still felt that Shoebury Residents are unable to get blood tests & other social care provisions, with residents always being forced to travel to Westcliff or Southend Hospital. I have been promised a separate meeting with the CCG where we can discuss these shortfalls and the shortage of doctors.

Please let us know if you have any information that will support us in this challenge. It does seem that Residents of Shoebury are always the people that receive less support and we want to change this.


Decide the Future of the Southend Emergency Fund

Southend Emergency Fund have been amazed at the support that the fund received and in particular how it has managed to realise and distribute over £250,000 here in Southend to support groups just like yours. They are now thinking through what the fund could and should do next and as part of that would welcome your thoughts.

Please can you spend a couple of minutes completing our survey or if you have further ideas feel free to email them to


Planning Applications week ending 25.06.2021

Erect single storey side extension with rooflights and install rooflights to existing side extension – 5 Ravendale Way Shoeburyness Southend-on-sea

Prune/crown raise Trees (mixed species) overhanging/bordering boundary of Shoebury House to height of 7m and general maintenance (Works to Trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order) – Shoebury House Ness Road Shoeburyness