newsletter 6.12.2020


Covid 19 -A message from Krishna Ramkhelawon, Director of Public Health – With new tier levels being introduced, a vaccine set to be rolled out, and the Christmas period approaching, the coming weeks are crucial. There is a 4 minute video on Youtube from the Director of Public Health for Southend-on-Sea, with details of how it’s going locally, and what we all need to do in the coming weeks.

What has life been like for you since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began? SOS Borough council wants to hear from you about your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and what steps you think the borough can take to ensure a positive future.

SECAT – On the 31st December the report into the “culture of fear” at SECAT was published to 310 parents and carers at Bournes Green Schools. As a number of schools in Shoebury are also under the management of SECAT I have attached a copy of the report

Marina – A letter from Councillor Garne that appeared in the echo regarding the marina proposal is attached

Lone Pensioners at Christmas – Jacqui Kershaw and her daughter need your help to help the lone pensioners in Southend this Christmas. They have secured a church hall & volunteers who are going to cook 75 xmas meals on xmas day, however they need the following: 1.Use of an industrial bain-marie 2. 75 insulated boxes & paper bags 3. Volunteer drivers with DBS to deliver the meals.

If you’d like to help, please email us – If you cannot help perhaps you know someone who might so please either pass this on or pass details on to us through the email us link.

Estuary 2021 – The recording of the launch of Estuary 2021 which will be a fantastic event can be found at this address –

The launch recording is very long at 1hr 20 minutes with much of it about non Southend areas but there are some parts you might find interesting e.g. Gunners Park.

There is a trailer that is only 1+1/2 minutes long –

MAYA CLOSE / NESS ROAD JUNCTION: -The deputy leader of Southend Council (Councillor Ron Woodley) has assured that the funding has now been approved and the work will be carried out very soon.

Free parking – All council run car parks across the Borough will be free on Thursdays after 4pm for late-night shopping and all day on Sundays until Christmas. The free Christmas parking offer will start on Thursday 3 December and runs up to and including Thursday 24 December. The offer applies to council run ‘off-street’ car parks, but not ‘on-street’ parking bays. A list of council car parks is available on the Southend on Sea Borough Council website.

GARRISON DEVELOPMENT – BARGE PIER ROAD: From Peter Lovett – The plans for 214 new homes will be placed before the Development Control Committee on 9th December 2020 and will no doubt be approved. We have passed over some information to the Garrison Residents Association which we have shown below:

‘I have read the Officers report following the determination application and although he has covered a vast amount, as always, they mention the points raised by our members, but also ignore them, so I strongly believe this application will be approved, based upon government pressure to build more properties and the local Council’s appetite for more money. So you are aware of the consequences, they will build 214 premises where all of them will start on a minimum ground level of 3.0m (Above Ordnance Datum) with 2, 3 & 5 storey buildings, with living accommodation at 6.1m (AOD) and ridge levels between 14.9 & 23.9m (AOD) – that is 78 feet to us imperials.

Zone 1 has 45 houses & 57 flats, Zone 2 has 34 houses & 20 flats, Zone 3 has 20 houses & 20 flats, Zone 4 has 26 flats

Under the 106 agreement they are asking for £493,000 towards the Shoebury high School, £30,000 towards alterations at the Campfield Road / Ness Road junction, £26,874. towards the Essex Recreational Disturbance Avoidance & Mitigation Strategy & £10,000 Monitoring Fee. Nothing for our primary school or flood protection.

Despite the NHS confirming that they will NOT build a new Health Centre on a flood plain, the report clearly uses the building to comply with regulations, such as employment and the support for the extra population in finding a doctor. It is disgraceful.

Even the Sequential test acknowledges there are alternative sites but dodges the rules by saying “not within the time frame permitted”. They also bypass other concerns by saying that previous approved applications from the past accepted it, so it is therefore “Extant”.

Although we have always accepted that the coastal flood protection is good, which it has to be, because if over-topping occurs then the site will end up under 2 metres of water. The contractor is still concerned because they have gone to great lengths to prepare a very detailed “Flood Response Plan” and insist all residents sign up to the Environment Agency (EA) Flood Warning plan. No mention of Flood Insurance, because this is not covered by Planning.

I suppose the issue I find so corrupt is the extreme urgency by the Council to provide flood protection in 2011 when they wanted to construct a 2 metre high flood defence system on Shoebury Common from the 55,000 tons of clay soil they had from the Cliffs, even sending a leaflet to every household in Shoebury showing their houses under 6 foot of water, but now 10 years further on, with no changes to Shoebury Common protection, they say it is well protected?

This time the Council cannot use the EA as an excuse by saying “the EA have raised no concerns”, because the EA has clearly passed responsibility onto the Council for pluvial, fluvial & surface water flooding by saying “the planning department should discuss this matter with the Lead Local Flood Authority to ensure that all sources of flooding at this site are considered”. Despite sending over 45 photos & videos to the EA showing serious evidence of flooding in Shoebury over the last 10 years, the Council have shown no evidence to reject these claims. Many of these videos show storm water drain covers being lifted in Campfield / Ness Road but say the existing drains can cope with the additional load. The Council has accepted that there are several omissions, inconsistencies & additional information that will need to be addressed and submitted as part of conditions or reserved matters.

Despite the report listing all the 20+ concerns raised by Shoebury Residents Association and the fact that no public consultation was held, where residents could listen to these concerns, it all has been ignored . The flood risk assessment produced by the consultants still mentions inaccurate statements, which if accepted by the Council, excludes the consultants from any responsibility. Perhaps I should include this statement – (quote) “There have been no groundwater flooding incidents reported to the EA within the SBC administrative boundary”. This is after seeing videos & pictures showing manhole lifting and flooding Campfield / Ness & Shoebury Common Road and many others in the area since the year 2,000. At a previous meeting, Richard Atkins (Council Flood Engineer) told us they did not have the resources to record such events in Southend

Despite the site providing over 400 residential & 94 non-residential car parking spaces, they are saying there will be no unacceptable impact on highway safety. There is no doubt, as records will confirm, we have already suffered many serious accidents & one recent death in the last few years around this site, with Ness Road & Campfield Road offering evidence of safety problems without adding another 500 cars to the statistics. We are already concerned about the introduction of a 44 ton articulated lorry trying to access the Lidl service bay adjacent to a primary school.

The above statements are just short descriptions of the issues covering this site, which are all being ignored. I hope this gives you some idea of the risks at large.’

Planning applications week ending 04.12.2020

Erect single storey rear extension and erect two storey semi-detached dwelling house on land adjacent to 29 Blackgate Road with detached garages to rear and form vehicular access on to Peel Avenue (Outline) – 29 Blackgate Road Shoeburyness Essex

Erect single storey rear extension – 26 Gunners Rise Shoeburyness Essex

Fell one sycamore tree (T1), crown reduce by 0.5m one sycamore tree (T2) and remove one limb from a hawthorn tree (T3) to front, cut back encroachment to mixed hedge (H1) and reduce encroachment to car park at rear to one black locust tree (T4) (Application for works to trees in a Conservation Area) – 5 Warrior Square Road Shoeburyness Southend-On-Sea

Dormer to rear and rooflights to front to convert loft in to habitable accommodation (Lawful Development Certificate – Proposed) 15 Blackgate Road Shoeburyness Essex

Hip to gable roof extension, dormer to rear to form habitable accommodation in roofspace, single storey side extension, rooflights to front (Lawful Development Certificate-Proposed) – 67 Thorpedene Gardens Shoeburyness Southend-On-Sea

Change of use from dwelling (Class C3) to children’s residential care home (Class C2) – 90 Caulfield Road Shoeburyness Essex

Change of use of rear part of ground floor (Class A1) and rear part of first floor (Class A2) to two self-contained flats (Classes C3), alter rear elevation and layout parking and cycle store to rear – Co-Operative Group Limited 105 – 107 West Road Shoeburyness