We started work over 3 years ago to persuade the Council to  upgrade the above common and the Parks department received funding for the Council to provide picnic tables, adult exercise centre, Patangue court, memorial benches, new flower beds, new trees & a fantastic Children’s playground. In September 2019 a planning application was submitted and we thought this would automatically be approved. To our surprise it was rejected following a challenge by two of our own Shoeburyness Independent Councillors & one West Shoebury  Conservative Councillor, who had a personal objective to change location onto the south side, to support the visitors to the beach & totally ignore the wishes of their own residents. A new design was produced (20/00894/BC3) which included a Road safety report & higher security fences. In order to inform the committee that it was not next to a rowdy pub, where parents would allow their children to cross the road unattended or that the Shoebury Common Road was dangerous with cars travelling around the bend at 60 MPH. I asked to attend but told I could only talk if I wanted to object to the scheme. Normally any application submitted by the Council themselves, would have to be sent to the full planning committee and decided by the Councillors. Following a call from the Echo, we found out that the playground had been approved by the officers and not sent to the Councillors. We received full support from Cllr. Cox & Jarvis, who were on the sub-committee for this project with me as Chairman. This is great news for our young children. The sad news is that having raised £41,000 from local charities to support a Pelican Crossing to cross the main road, we have now been told that because of the delays we have exceeded the 18 month window and have now LOST this money as it was transferred to more pressing projects.

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Friars Park – Below is the content of a letter I handed in to Asda’s this morning addressed to the manager-

‘This morning I pushed three Asda trolleys out of Friars Park. One I left in Eagle Way and the other two at the entrance to the park in Picasso Way. Please collect them as soon as possible as they are very unsightly to the local residents and are a reminder that there is a lot of unsocial behaviour going on at the moment. I assume this is costing your company money as all three have been vandalised to reclaim their £1 and there is the expense of retrieving them. Could I suggest that, for a week, you post security guards at the exits to stop the theft of these trolleys.  I will be posting the contents of this letter on the Shoeburyness residents’ Association newsletter today and it would be good news if in next week’s newsletter I could inform our members that you have taken prompt action in this matter.’

Leisure centre to reopen and provide welcome wellbeing boost – Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre is set to welcome visitors back through its doors with the council agreeing to support Fusion Lifestyle until the end of the financial year.

The £600,000 funding support to Fusion – who are responsible for managing council-owned leisure facilities – will allow them to reopen their main site at Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre with a full offering of services. Chase Sports and Fitness Centre and Shoeburyness Leisure Centre will also reopen for school use only. These two leisure centres are integral to the schools’ PE provision from September onwards. Belfairs Swim Centre will remain closed at this stage. This support is in addition to £400,000 of support already provided to Fusion up to the end of July for building costs and the waiver of management fees.

With funding now agreed, Fusion are now taking staff off of furlough and carrying out the work needed to get Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre open on Tuesday 1 September for health and fitness and Friday 4 September for swimming. All sites will be continuously reviewed to ensure users are kept safe and to explore the possibility of opening further facilities at the other sites.

Free Covid 19 testing -The Department of Health and Social Care has opened a local testing site at Short Street car park, as part of the Government’s UK-wide drive to increase testing. Anyone with coronavirus symptoms, however mild, can get a free swab test that takes less than a minute. Tests should be booked or ordered as soon as symptoms begin at or by calling 119. You can expect your result the next day. Testing at the site has now started, with more appointments available each day. Testing is available for everyone, including vulnerable groups and people with disabilities. The site is part of the largest network of diagnostic testing facilities created in British history, including 73 drive-through sites, 26 walk-through sites, 236 mobile units, home testing and satellite kits and five laboratories. The site is operating on an appointment-only basis and has detailed standard operating procedures which have been signed off by Public Health England to ensure that procedures have health and safety at the forefront. We have a number of measures in place, including:

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